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Open Source Tools

ArkosPad Screenshot


ArkosPad is a simple yet powerfull information management tool.
It comes with a topics tree in which you can create hierarchical entries.

-Hierarchical topics
-File attachments
-HTML support
-Export to Freemind mindmap (.mm)

Mood Machine

Mood Machine is ment to change your dominant brain frequencies to those described in the different programs.

It is based on binaural beats. Two different frequencies are applied to the ears.

According to the binaural beats theory, the brain’s dominant operational frequency gets modified to match the difference of both frequencies. In addition, the two brain halfes may be synced.

Daily Schedule

A Schedule for your daily planing.

For ideal use, keep the window open all time and get used to take a look at it every now and then.

As soon as you see that you haven’t handled an item yet, finish what you are doing currently and process the task.

Requires JRE 11

Nyx Newsbar

An RSS based newsticker siting at the top of the screen.
It defaults to the New York Times newsticker.
You can add additional news sources by right-clicking on the newsticker and selecting “Settings”.

There are thousands of sources for newsfeeds, including stocks. Just google for “RSS” and your interest to get a list of newsfeeds.